Organic Cotton 'Blinky' Sleeping Bag.
Organic Cotton 'Blinky' Sleeping Bag.

Organic Cotton 'Blinky' Sleeping Bag.

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Size 0-24m (L 90cm x CW 34)

Colour Beige 

Made from two layers of 100% organic cotton, our plush sleeping bag will keep your little one warm and cosy during sleep time ensuring that they are covered at all times. This creates a better nights sleep for your baby and for the whole family. 

The beauty of our sleeping bags is that they are versatile, being able to be used in more than one season. Layered down with a t-shirt or short-sleeved bodysuit in spring/summer and layered up with a thicker long-sleeved bodysuit or pyjama in autumn/winter. 

The sleeping bag clips at the top allowing for easy dressing whilst ensuring safety during sleep time.  It also includes clips underneath the arms to adjust for size when your baby is little. The high quality of the fabric ensures longevity where it will not change in colour or softness over time. 

Recommended for use in temperatures from 18-28 degrees.

Care: Machine wash in cold water with laundry detergent. Tumble dry on low or line dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

The below sleeping bag and clothing guide will help you plan what your baby should wear based on the temperature in their room. Babies' warmth needs vary from child to child just as they do for adults so use as a guide and adjust to suit your baby accordingly. 

Room Temperature Clothing Guide
28°C (82°F) Nappy
26°C (79°F) Singlet
24°C (75°F)
Short-sleeved bodysuit
22°C (71°F) Long-sleeved bodysuit
20°C (69°F)
Long-sleeved bodysuit & pants or all-in-one
18°C (65°F)
Long-sleeved bodysuit, pants or all-in-one & pyjama top 

Why choose organic cotton?